In a couple of days I will be leaving London for two weeks. Destination: South of France. I’m going to let the warm wave of the sun embrace me and probably won’t be delivering many fashion commentaries during that time. I will update with the occasional picture but will probably find it hard to think about fashion while I’m enjoying the beautiful scenery of Cassis. Bliss. Until I come back to London and serious blogging I will be using the Twitter formula: 140 words, short epistles live from the South of France! If you’re on Twitter and want to follow me, you can find me under julystars.
In the meantime, I thought I would introduce you to my much-loved selection of bloggers I check out every day. They’re firmly on the same wavelength as me and feature high up on the ladder of hugely productive and interesting fashion bloggers. Perhaps not as well-known as my favourite established bloggers, who already dominate the blogosphere (see list on the right-hand side of this page), they’re a good read, provide fascinating fashion details and haven’t succumbed to the worthless vanity which somehow envelops so many other fashion bloggers.
Internet blockbusters in the making!

Keep Feeling Fascination
Joanna’s blog is a real showstopper. Her taste, influences and aesthetics have emotional depth and are thrillingly exciting, always capturing the best of fashion in terms of images, brands, music, interiors and occasionally cinematography. Her blog is an enriching experience, especially if you’re interested in thoughtful and intelligent trend commentaries. There are clear traces of a bohemian legacy in her cultural world, which is her real strength. She lives in LA but cultivates an enduring passion for Buenos Aires.

Decade Diary
Decade Diary can only be viewed as fresh and enthusiastic. It’s an online mixed show of illustrations created by Bernadette and her favourite fashion images. Nowhere else can such diversity and richness be found. Elegant and ravishing fashion fantasies.

Turned Out
Maya has no trouble capturing the pace and rhythm of street style photography. Her portraits are interesting and brilliant versions of the boys and girls she stumbles upon in New York and LA. She has a beguiling magic touch and should be recognised for the quality of her work and her eye for the ravishing and cool (her singular talent stands out from all the other street style photographers who all fight for the same space and attention).

And if you speak French fluently, Garance Doré, Café Mode and Sale Gamine are three of the best voices coming from Paris and Brussels. They stand out from the crowd with their wholesome, sharp and distinctive comments on the world of fashion. I have a soft spot for Sale Gamine’s blog. Not only does it reflect on the fashion industry but it is also a self-portrait infused with funny moments and intense personal energy.

Picture No 1 courtesy of Keep Feeling Fascination
Picture No 2 courtesy of Decade Diary
Picture No 3 courtesy of Turned Out



Anonymous said...

oh lucky you!!! do enjoy...i was in cassis last year...and it was like a dream...

lilly said...

i love and adore your blog

leeselooks said...

such a gorgeous post filled with such pretty images.
miss ya.

i wish i could join you in the south of france!

enjoy beauty.


Mo said...

once again gr8 images. i hope u get those rick owens boots lady! haha

Bernadette - Decade Diary said...

Thanks again for the collage, I just sent you an e-mail. Have an amazing time in the South of France, so lucky!! xo

Ruth said...

What cool images

Ruth @ Matches

el said...

i've been visiting maya's and joana's blog(thanks to you)..fascinating!
i heart what joana's love(the boheme things going on)
and its interesting to see maya's point of view..

Amylee said...

Wonderful this blog ! Bravo July !

Claire said...

Have a good holiday! I'm about to go to Paris for a week, can't wait!

Emerald said...

Love your blog!! Nice collection of pictures! All outfits are looking cool...

Cathy said...

Love your blog!
Please visit my new one:


Michael Oats said...

hey! take a look at my last photoshoot. I hope you like it.


Anonymous said...

ugh! you lucky people traveling to envious destinations

Brian said...

I once back packed to the South of France and camped in Cassis for ten days with no tent, just slept under the stars. One of my best ever holidays.

I live in the South of France now in Languedoc Roussillon and just love it.

Luxi said...

oooh I'm happy for you, enjoy yourself beauty!


theyearoflivingthriftily said...

I'm so glad I found your blog, it is truly inspiring!!

Tiphaine said...

Hey ! I really like your blog, and we share the same inspirations. Would you be interested in a link exchange ? My blog seems leaved those days, but i'm back as soon as I have a few minutes, I was passing my BAC until yesterday so I couldn't spend time on it . Well after having told you my life, i wish you a good day !

see ya'!

Liza said...

This is lovely. And you've got great taste in blogs! Thank you for sharing.

sandrinette said...

Hi, So you're coming to the south soon, I am Sandrine a french journalist ( fashion & culture)and as I live in the south of France, it would be cool to meet you and exchange about fashion inspirations, if you feel like.
Let me know!

STEFANIE said...

lovely pictures! have fun in france!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

REVIENS!!! Merde ca fait plus de deux semaines là nan?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for these links ! :)

a. said...

AMAZING collages. & lookie theres roisin!

love xx

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