It feels as remote as one of those hot English summers, but the 2010 resort collections are here. In truth, I didn’t see anything drastically new but there were several remarkably beautiful and quirky experimentations, displaying self-references and redefinitions of past elements. Phoebe Philo at Céline successfully presented modes of expression compatible with the brand’s style and prevailing mood over the past years, with various sensitive and subtle changes. I loved it. Stella is another favourite: energetic, wonderfully designed pieces with exquisitely crafted humour (the fact that Anouck Lepère, the hauntingly gorgeous model was presenting the clothes, made this resort collection a pleasure throughout). Phillip Lim’s presentation was composed in different shades of grey and was strong, despite remaining highly familiar. Stefano Pilati at Yves Saint Laurent showed a triumphant return to charming and classic tailoring, responding to contemporary demands by making a lot of fluid and relaxed garments. The harem style trousers worn with nude footless dancer’s leggings are a winning combination. The youthful shapes, muted colour palette and soft jackets created by Christopher Bailey for Burberry are a hit. Rag & Bone’s rise continues (justifiably in my view) with its inspiring street looks. Like Yves Saint Laurent, unquestionably tough little accents were well-received: the footless tights showing under shorter length trousers, drop crotch pants and flowing silhouettes. What is resolutely certain from what I’ve seen so far is that harem style trousers, turbans, rolled up trousers and loose sporty shapes are highlights, spectacularly right for now and here to stay!

All photos courtesy of Style

Here are some of my favourite looks
1st picture: Phillip Lim
2nd picture: Stella
3rd picture: YSL
4th picture: first two from left, Rag & Bone, then Burberry
5th picture: Céline

Resort Lim
Resort Stella
Resort YSL
Resort Celine


The Voguette said...

hey! we have lots of the same favs from resort! (i totally made a post about it too!) lol. I love love LOVEEEE the yigal show!!

The Voguette

Unrealized Fish said...

Oooh, I love outfit number four..

marie-celeste said...

where is the jackt from outfit number 5 from? (second row middle)

London Attitude said...

OMG I love with Celine's collection fabulous so chic exactly what I am looking for, the Stella's collection is great as well

Anonymous said...

perfection. i am coveting pretty much everything from phillip lim resort! i especially love the grey jumper and the tan satchel. xo

ChocolateBeachFlower said...

love all the looks:)

Anonymous said...

the blue jumpsuit is kick ass.
want it for my holiday in the riviera!
wait is cannes and nice the riviera? yeah, ehm. ok yes. im dumb.

✄ Anne said...

Wow. Love it.
Orange pants!
Lots of inspiration there.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...


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