These days, when it comes to fashion, few subjects animate me more than new young Australian designers: if you read my blog, you’ll remember that I used to be a complete novice on the matter and wrote several posts that triggered a flurry of comments lamenting my lack of knowledge. So it is no surprise that in search of better judgment I have explored the world of Australian fashion in-depth, dug deeper into old copies of RUSSH magazine, deconstructed my own personal myth and discovered that my initial negative verdict had been a huge mistake. I found myself guilty of misconceptions. My readers were right. The reality is that Australian fashion offers a new generation of brilliant designers on the verge of international success. I’ve already talked about the delightful TV and intoxicating Tina Kalivas and next in the line of Australian triumphs is the supremely elegant Arnsdorf brand. Created and designed by Jade Sarita Arnott, the label resolves all your aesthetical problems with its timeless and unarguably versatile clothes. Looking at the latest Autumn/Winter 2009 collection, I was immediately attracted to the pools of colours ranging from whites, tan, denim and black, as well as the interesting compositions and constructions. Many of the pieces can be worn differently and gives the wearer convincing creative possibilities. The cuts and details are beautiful and it is clear that the techniques involved achieve high quality results. Jade Sarita Arnott is a magician. She is the kind of girl who creates clothes that make your spirits rise, clothes that talk for themselves, convey a sense of confidence, grace and wit. She has found the formula for a bestselling brand and hopefully will be available to buy in the UK soon.

All pictures courtesy of Arnsdorf – “The Dawn” collection



laurakitty said...

All of these designs are so stylish and chic! I am also completely intrigued by the current crop of Australian designers- I'm planning a trip to Australia for next spring where I am looking forward to getting more of a first hand look at these designers, their wears and the environment that inspires them.

Pono Madison said...

god yes. even off the run way, australian street style is basically the best anywhere.
and I need a print version of russh. I heard it was in barnes&noble, so I went and ripped apart the magazine section with my friend, to only find all the sad usual overpriced magazines.
I think I might have to search ebay endlessly to find the issues with the zippora seven spreads. hands down my favorite ever.

If Jane said...

i am slowly beginning to understand the great fashion scene in australia as well...and partially in thanks to "russh"...
oh and thanks for posting tesla boy..neon love...(you always have cool music...;)

i.d. said...

My photographer friend shot backstage at the show and told me that she is absolutely lovely, which is nice to know! There are a lot of great young designers, a whole bunch of them graduated in 2006/2007 - Dion Lee, Romance Was Born, Kim Ellery and Karla Spetic, just to name a few. :)

Madelene said...

Yes, Australia is rising.. I wish I could find Russh somewhere. it's pure cruelty that it doesn't seem to be distributed in Europe.

ayura said...

Photographers never get picked apart as hard as the models so it's good to see a model get a break from the critics!
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