This is the last of my series of South of France photos, I won’t be exploring the subject again for a while. Three weeks ago, I never imagined that I would be looking at these pictures again and again, welcoming the chance to immerse myself in the sunny atmosphere of Provence. Never did I think that this would be my only taste of summer. Methodically analysing the weather forecast has suddenly become a daily activity involving all my friends, it’s even occurred to us that we may be living in the wrong country. I should also ignore my Facebook account: too many annoying and implicit adventures in the sun. I disapprove. Keep your irritating and provoking fairytales to yourself. Oh, look, it’s hailing again in London!
And for those of you who want to know what I had for lunch, what the weather’s like in North London and when I last went for a walk, had a headache or watered the plants, I have a Twitter account. A small slice of narcissism and self-importance. No, don’t worry. I’m certainly not ready to divulge the smallest details of my extraordinarily exciting life and I haven’t yet become a hysterical person confessing everything to masses of people I’ve never met or know in real time! But I do use Twitter to acquire knowledge and can see its purpose on a professional basis. So, look no further, here I am. I’ll tell you what shampoo I use and what time I went to bed last night!

All pictures are mine.

Taking pics
La Ciotat
Noir et blanc


Anonymous said...

well, if you decide to leave london for a place that never hails and the sun is shining almost 365 days of the year, head to LA. i'll be waiting with open arms! ; )

lovely photos - you have that summer glow!

fashionaddict said...

I love your South of France posts, reminded me of my short stay in marseille, a place I knew little about when I arrived and wound up loving.

Anonymous said...

your photos are always truly beautiful, oh this light! i admire your skills!!
love your way of writing too.

London Attitude said...

j'adore ce cote photogenique que tu as, tu es superbe!
et tes photos, couleurs splendides!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your pictures are so awesome!! I'm so jealous - even more of the French weather than the pictures.. No seriously, I'm going to put my tights and wellies this morning, I just can't do it anymore, aargh!
ps: Twitter is so addictive, it's unhealthy, as if the whole world didn't already know all about our life, breakfast habits, and underwear choices. Loving it though ;)
*praying for the sun, pleeeaaase*

Mo said...

stunning pictures again


leeselooks said...

oh. so so stunning.

i hope to one day make it there...
but for now... i live this joyous place through your words + photots.

stay well love


Anonymous said...

once again, gorgeous photos.My favorite = 1st one. The collaging here is interesting as well

E.K. said...

Beautiful photos, I can't wait to see what the next subject is.

Little Nutbrown Hare said...

I'm going to get an iPhone, then Twitter, in that order. Then I'll follow you!

ayura said...

you have got some stunning pictures
...i liked them all
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smokylash said...

I love this serie of photographs , natural .. nice to look..

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