I don’t normally get over enthusiastic about models and have never felt the irrepressible urge to discuss their looks or “captivating” talent on this blog. And I’m sure I will be rebuked by my fellow fashion bloggers for evading the subject for so long. If my blog is to be relevant to all my readers, I should address all fashion issues including models. Today, I’ve chosen to diversify a little bit and consider this alternative subject (actually suggested by a loyal reader) and I will say that considering my initial reservations, I did enjoy the experience. I know the road I’m travelling pretty well and there are plenty of signposts along the way providing a rich choice of names to choose from for this post. However, in a sea of commercial successes and dull Eastern European models, Freja Beha Erichsen seems to be the one my eye is most receptive to. She represents a total breath of fresh air in the somewhat confined world of modelling. There’s so much to praise: her boyish and androgynous charm, fiercely sensual and exotic looks, her own magical “modelling” language. She seems very much of her time while also embodying the rebel among more mainstream contemporaries. I love her ability to break old-fashioned fashion judgements with her gentle and almost imperceptible way of interfering with the flow. Her individualism is her most impressive tool, serving as inspiration for the photographer who sometimes will even adapt his or her own agenda to her confident and unique character. Her presence is thrilling, intense and she has no trouble capturing the pace and rhythm of a shoot. The photographs are always infused with Freja’s intensely personal energy, all passion and pensive rebellious eyes. I tend to believe that the photographer is the one playing the prominent part in the creation of a masterpiece but in the case of stories featuring Freja I’ve come to realize that she’s the fundamental creative thread. Myths exert a powerful influence in the world of fashion, and the myth of the rebel is one of the most powerful.

All photos courtesy of The Fashion Spot.
Shot by Javier Vallhonrat
Vogue UK Sept 09



laurakitty said...

While she isn't a personal favourite of mine, I do agree with what you are saying about her. There is something deeply magnetic about her- in editorials or ads my eyes are always drawn to hers as her eyes seem to emit such a powerful intensity.

I almost posted this editorial the other day, but for the styling. I adore the opulent jumble of the set with the tapestries, velvet and crackly old leather along with all of the exquisite jewellery she is weighed down with.

aka Caitlin said...

There is certainly something about an androgynous woman modeling uber-femme clothes that is both visually and sensually appealing. Thanks for your post -- I really enjoy your blog.

Mademoiselle Robot ❤ said...

I am like you, I can't really get interested in models, even though I feel like I should, since I am always writing about fashion and style... and I get so easily sucked in by an episode of America's Next Top Model haha!

I have been carrying a torch for the old Kate Moss for years, ever since she started. The new models have never really grown on me. I am a sucker for 90s supermodels like Linda, Christy & Helena...

Taylor said...

i love this shoot

E.K. said...

I think it's nice to see this post. Photographers never get picked apart as hard as the models so it's good to see a model get a break from the critics!

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos, powerful & inspiring! Thanks for sharing :)

Noelle + Kendall said...

These are lovely scans!
thank you for posting them :]


A.n.E said...

great to see more becoming fans of freja. love her work and style. she's definitely that rebel without being a try hard at all.

Anonymous said...

I think A.n.E has made a good point about the appeal of Freja. She does the 'rebel' thing without trying. So,effortlessly amazing. Must say I'm partial to Freja with longer hair. Thought the long hair and bangs made her look cute. Nothing wrong with cute.

Kay Bee said...

I love Freja, but in my opinion this is not the best example of her editorial work.

Alize Morand said...

Oh, that was my favourite edito from the lastest VOGUE UK. I don't particularly like Freja but these images are great, and the styling impeccable. Loving it! And I'm glad you feature models, they are such a huge part of fashion, whether we like it or not, they embody the trends and act as a mirror to reflect our fantasies, or those of the most creative designers & photographers. I am as passionate about them as about fashion.
Loving your blog, as always, and congratulations again for the Dazed Blog Awards, your blog has such individuality and free speech, you deserve it!
BISOUS!! Alize xx

ayura said...

Wow these photos are amazing!! The first two rows are specially fantastic.
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DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

gahhh. freja. love her.

voted for you! :)

We Walk In Fashion said...

This pictures of freja are awesome. I love her

Sophia Emilie Roe Lykke Andersen said...

A danish model. i live ind denmark, and i have meet her!

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