As I finished my day at work yesterday, my Blackberry buzzed, indicating I had just received an email. It was one of my friends congratulating me on being shortlisted as one of the Dazed Raw Blog Awards finalists!
I don’t know who will snatch this glittering prize but I’m delighted to have made it to the final 15 in the fashion section. Looking at my competitors I noticed that several of them definitely had the vital X-factor. As much as I would love to win this I suspect I should turn my attention to the fact that on the public recognition ladder being selected as a finalist is already quite an achievement!
But being of quite a competitive nature, I would still urge you to vote for me!
At least I won’t be disqualified for trying to gather as many votes as I can – Hahaha!

Click here and vote for July Stars



E.K. said...

Voted, it's in the bag!

kim said...

Done! ;-)

Painting the roses red said...

Voted, your blog is my favourite.

"Theres nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein"

...Your blog is truly YOURS..your personality shines through, it is a pleasure to read.
I'm a newbie, but would love some feedback... http://painting-roses-red.blogspot.com/


leeselooks said...

just voted beauty!

you have not only been such a bright shining star to so many people, but you have been so lovely to me. thank thank thank you.
you deserve this.

enjoy your weekend.


Anonymous said...

I voted for you and just have to say
Congratulations, you definitely deserve the nomination.

Now lets hope you win!

London Attitude said...


Madelene said...

I'll be voting for you as well, your blog is really one that is far from easily forgotten.

mady dooijes said...

congratulations, how exciting- done!!!!


I like!

Antonio Barros said...

Amazing blog!! Congratulations!!!

I will start to follow!!!


ayura said...

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