It’s not often that I feel so deliriously enthusiastic and inclined to write a piece about a particular fashion brand, and this was an occasion I had been looking forward to so much: Arnsdorf’s new look book. My enduring fascination with the label started a while ago when a good friend of mine disclosed her style secrets after having emptied a bottle of wine. She’s the kind of girl who places high value on originality and believes that life’s big adventure is fashion (or hedonistic pursuits). In retrospect, I behaved appallingly. Encouraging her to over-consume alcohol to get the name of her latest label crush. The time has now come to accept full responsibility. Yes, I enabled it to happen and I don’t regret it. I quickly found out that a winter trip to Australia had her shopping with abandon; fast finding herself addicted to some of life’s little luxuries, including Arnsdorf! Jade Sarita Arnott has once again created a collection immediately offering the latest must-haves: sensual black dresses with complex and intricate detailing (sheer panels, strings, metal thread lace), high waisted shorts, trousers and skirts using fabric combinations of silk mesh, silk georgette, sand washed silks and organic linen. Jade is clearly turning her craft and skills into pure fashion art. Her incessant quest for the new and “surprise me” element seems to feed her desire to make waves in the world of fashion and to stand out from the crowd. With these latest looks she uses ice-skating costumes and specialist parachutist garments as inspiration to make her own unique contemporary adaptations. The result is magical with pale pinks, whites, blues and salmon interacting seamlessly with classic black. The tantalizing clothes I’ve selected to show you from the “And you love” collection are all equally sharp, elegant and fresh. These snippets only make me yearn for the satisfactory day when I will become the owner of an Arnsdorf piece of clothing!
Oh, and maybe this is the time to redeem myself and admit to having “borrowed” a pair of Arnsdorf shorts and top from my friend when she was at her most vulnerable… I promise to give them back.

All pictures courtesy of Arnsdorf



Antonio Barros said...

great collection!
I loved the 1st outfit!

fuschiaaa said...

4th, 5th and 8th outfits are totally delicious and I'm definetly going to be trying to emulate this collection in my wardrobe because it is brutally hot.

NICOLE said...

this is a wonderful collection! i love it all and i love this blog! its such a great inspiration

petra said...

wow, the collection looks so good! glad i found your blog!!

bri. said...

why are those strappy dresses so magical???

i would L O V E if you checked out MY DESIGN BLOG:


Anonymous said...

who's the model?

leeselooks said...


the beautiful aussie zanita turned me onto arnsdorf at the beginning of the year, and since then i've been hooked.

so feminine, yet still has that edge and masculine touch that i so deeply love.

congrats on all the success! i'm rooting for you big time!


ayura said...

I'll be voting for you as well, your blog is really one that is far from easily forgotten.

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Anonymous said...


Beautiful clothes I lust after each season.

Have you also seen these Australian labels:
Dress Up

worth a look!

smokylash said...

oooh i love this pink shirt ! gorgeous !

Bises, Mel

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