A new approach

A very good friend of mine has a list of books she wants to buy. It’s very long and she’s extremely disciplined about it. She constantly goes to bookshops with her list that always seems to get longer and searches for hours, the endless mystic quest for the long out of print or recently released book. It makes her heart race and the tears well up. She loves the quiver of anticipation and the feeling that she might find something very special. I, on the other hand, positively connect with the Internet on a daily basis and miraculously almost always find what I’m looking for on the web. So obviously I mock her relentlessly, as is only appropriate with one of your oldest friends. While I agree that exploring old and new bookshops for hours can be extremely enjoyable I find that buying online can be equally satisfying (although I do miss the intoxicating smell of dusty old books). In fact, I am always astonished that I get the same amount of pleasure buying online as I do in “real” life. Last week, I cheerfully bought several 80s issues of Zoom on ebay, a copy of the recently launched Twin magazine, More is More: Tony Duquette, Olivier Zahm’s Purple Anthology and The Marchesa Casati: Portraits of a muse. My taste for extravagant online book and magazine purchases probably comes from the fact that I’m deskbound during the week and it’s easy to practice Internet shopping during my lunch breaks! And I’m going to be completely honest: I may also be a little in love with buying clothes, shoes and accessories on the web too. Let me explore La Garçonne, Net-A-Porter, Browns and Colette for long enough and I can guarantee that I’ll feel the first stirrings of desire. I lost my Internet shopping virginity a very long time ago!
Books and magazines hold an irreplaceable romantic appeal, a simple way of life and there’s nothing better than a good fashion or art publishing hit offering escapism. But over the last few years traditional print media has had to compete with the sudden popularity of web magazines and high quality new media platforms embracing the world of fashion. This phenomenon has probably startled the publishing industry and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. I’ve been flirting with fashion related Internet tools for almost two years and it has blossomed into a true romance. When it comes to magazines, print continues to prevail in my heart. Fashion photography always seems a little too diluted online and certainly doesn’t have the same effect. But I’ve been conducting a very public affair with various fashion web platforms and I simply can’t imagine a better example than fly16x9. It is completely absorbing. The web channel was launched in October 2008 by Stephen Blaise and Catherine Camille Cushman and provides an engaging and outstanding video portal where fashion, art, photography and music collide to create and authentic and innovative voice. A genuine creative achievement that is defined by the influential personalities who collaborate on each film, bringing technology into sharp focus and complementing the world of fashion magazines. It’s a defiant riposte to the fashion greats who haven’t yet had the confidence and audacity to embrace moving images. It’s an impressive collection of experimental, sometimes provocative, exciting, vibrant and beautiful videos. Small ground-breaking fashion masterpieces!
Thank you Bon for the email and info.

Video courtesy of Fly16x9


Vagabondiana said...

What timing. My boyfriend has just walked me through his first edition of A Tale of Two Cities... the hand-written note inside from 1872 and such... 'The most beautiful thing in the world,' he said, as I mentally priced it up for eBay...


sarah van raden said...

this is so beautiful!
thanks for finding this and sharing it with us!


Jillian said...

quite beautiful!
how have you been love? not talked in such a long time!

hope you are well and keeping warm!


Ciao, how are you? J'aime your post, thanks for sharing! Have a good weekend!


Sabine said...

Having read the Sportmax interview I'm still impressed by how much you read, even with multi-tasking (TV + web, reading while listening etc.) I find it hard to find the time... Bookshops and/or web, definitely not an either/or. Sabine x

Anonymous said...


A.n.E said...

i agree fashion photography is just not as powerful or effective online. still buy the occasional mag if there is an ed that i just love! need a hard copy rite?
and this video platform gives such a great dimension to experimentation in fashion.

thanks fr the link!

Anonymous said...

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