As a rule of thumb, I like to update this blog two to three times a week. As some of my good “blogger” friends have stated in the past, it is not wise to ignore the routine unless you want to alienate your readers. I guess I’m to blame for the current crisis I’m facing, my decision to always take my time writing and focus on real fashion-related ideas and nuances has left me unprepared for the embarrassing fall in daily hits. Time has also been a significant contributing factor: a full time job and a social life means that my blog has recently only been functioning once a week. I absolutely love writing and finding interesting subjects to discuss on July Stars. It’s led me to fantasise about exciting scenarios, dreaming up a world with a “stop time” option or a three day weekend to accomplish more things and write. I should be brave and defiant, learn to write less but more frequently (unlikely)! And this is where the appeal of Twitter comes in: it encourages short and spontaneous sentences of 140 words. I’ve been religiously using it as a small extension of the blog, a new home for nuggets of inspiration dedicated to fashion, visual arts and anything else that could make its way on July Stars. As it transpired recently, it has become like a small notebook. Instead of a sometimes hibernating blog, my Twitter account is consistently updated with introductions to varied items I’m passionate about. Everyone can play the game and it’s so easy. You can follow me here
Next time you read July Stars, I promise you’ll be greeted by a fashion post in its proper context!
Until then, here are a few pictures I took last weekend in Whitstable. The house we rented was beautiful, a masterful piece of history located directly on the beach, facing the sea and surrounded by colourful traditional huts. I definitely want to go back in spring…





Random Fashion Coolness said...

I feel exactly the same way! The real world takes over and time disappears - Twitter suddenly becomes an easier avenue. Your posts are worth the wait. R x

holierthannow said...

It's funny, I totally stopped tweeting, I feel like it is SUCH a time waster. Isn't that ironic though, when you don't have time to post but if you added up all the tweet time ... : )

xo holier

Marta Represa said...

These pictures make me dream...

Leonhard said...

do do do

cats eyes said...

Ouhais c'était tellement beau que t'étais sur skype avec moi...BREF...ok c'est méga beau et je te hais. D'autre part, tu n'as pas à écrire plus si c'est pour que ça soit moins bien...Kisses pétasse d'amour.

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