A very English adventure

In contrast with some of London’s contemporary architecture and aesthetics Whitstable felt like the picturesque little seaside town I’d been looking for. The hugely seductive house we rented was the main ingredient behind the success of our weekend. With its impressive view and location we experienced the thrill and passion of living near water, we wandered about the town absorbing the very English atmosphere, visited Sandwich and Canterbury, and we forgot about London life for a few days. A real treat.

The pictures I took show the house, beach, harbour and Canterbury Cathedral


Beacon House

Beacon House back





Pineapple said...

i love love love that boat picture

Anna Marie said...

wow, so beautiful. what a lovely getaway!

KATLIN said...

looks like such a relaxing trip! i'd love to lie in a boat and sunbathe all day with music, friends and food! btw, i'm having a $100 shopbop giveaway on my blog you might be interested in entering!

Hayley said...

hey love your blog!

the photos from Whitstable are amazing - can you tell me where u stayed?


Kiki said...

The house looks stunning, I hope you had a lovely time! This has reminded me, yet again, that I must start looking into short breaks in this country.

laurakitty said...

I love everything about these photos- they are perfect! I've never been to Whitstable- how far is it from London? It looks like I'm only going to have the time this trip for a one day trip out of London and, as always, I want to go to seaside- I wonder where it would be best to go...

Anonymous said...

that last picture is so beautiful. wow!


lekisskiss.blogspot.com <-- two 20 somethings blogging fashion from NYC and Chicago!

Linda Love said...

i´d love to be there right now. there must be a special atmospher at the beach this time of year.

cindy said...

ooh, i love the pictures.. especially the last one.

Runway Reviews said...

lovely pictures with the light and the dark background scene. Perfect english adventure!

Alice said...

Hey, I'm a student in London. I really do love your blog, and you have got me absolutely hooked on Fleetwood Mac! I would love it if you checked out my blog, I just started!

CHICMUSE said...



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Anonymous said...

i need an english adventure like this one, or any english adventure for that matter! these are gorgeous photos and i can only imagine what a fantastic time you had. i love visiting old cathedrals! hugs and kisses from la la land - joanna xoxo

Iheartfashion said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Fotografia Ślubna Warszawa said...

it's very very english :)

lb said...

Wow, thank you!! Especially since I love and regularly visit your blog! Your photos are just amazing. And yes - Bio Oil - you really have to give it a try in spite of the hideous packaging. I've recently discovered that a lot of asian mothers have been using this reguarly for years and years! ha ha ha.... Does that convince you?

wecouldgrowup2gether said...

its just like a movie

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures! I love every one, but my favorite is the boat one.

Anonymous said...

Wow....love the last one...but all of pics are so...mmm...so simple,but fantastic at the same time

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