Hopi Botanicals

Perhaps it is because of my own much more modest experience of being a neo Beat Generation long-haired girl, but I always find myself irresistibly attracted to today’s free spirited Daria Halperin type characters. I’m dangerously addicted to image format blogs like Strange Eyes, The Nomadic Sun, Them Thangs, The Love Awareness Program and Hopi Botanicals. These documentary style websites dispense a constant stream of hits from the sixties and seventies, taking me on a trawl through the poetry, music, clothes, jewellery, art, photography and architecture inspired by those years. I admire the archiving skills of the persons behind some of the blogs listed above. They’ve nurtured and developed their little Internet ventures making it clear that when modern institutions are collapsing around us, people should get back in touch with ancient crafts. I’m not tempted to go all “peace and love” on you as I’m more inclined to believe in modern life but the aesthetics of those days can be of a rare and unexpected beauty notably when it comes to photography, clothes and jewellery. I’ve been following Emmelie Brunetti’s blog since it launched and was curious about her approach to fragrances, strikingly different to that of mass-market best-selling luxury names. For her, perfumes should be pure elemental evocations of flowers, herbs, trees and vegetables. The whole project is simply infused with sheer joy and love of the products, evocations of a place (California) and time, acknowledging her heritage. And her emotional engagement is not restricted to essential oils or solid scents, she has also designed the packaging that encapsulates these treasures. Unique vintage silver and turquoise Navajo pillboxes and small leather pouches. The soothing natural world.
For more information on where to buy the products, please contact Emmelie Brunetti: info@hopibotanicals.com

All pictures courtesy of Hopi Botanicals



Sylvia etc... said...

you know what i like most about your post ? it's that i can almost smell the Hopi Botanicals perfume ;-)
will check asap, love the imagery they use and the proper natural Californian 70's heritage ... this brand model reminds me somehow of Santa Maria Novella (love their Florence shop with the products range original laboratory) ... à bientôt x


joshylola said...

Great pictures

COCAMIA said...

I must try!!!

imane said...

j'aime !


cheeky girl

Masha said...

great blog))


Anonymous said...

your words are beautiful! I love the poetry of this little amulet-like objects.

Teodora M. Mathews said...

Great blog and great choice of product line! I've just learned about Hopi products recently and just fell in love with it.
Another thing, you seem to be admiring a lot writers but i would just like to say that i simply admire your writing as well.

laurakitty said...

I've admired her blog many times before, but your words have made me desperate to actually smell her fragrances. That's the amazing thing about writing, that it's possible to phrase words in such a way that they float out from the page or screen and snake into your nostrils with all the force of the actual scent.

Anonymous said...

It is a very nice blog.


Anonymous said...

great pictures

Ana said...

I LOVE Your blog, I'm from Spain, I follow you okai? kisses

Pennerad said...

absolutely love strange eyes/them thangs. i think i prefer photodiaries to blogs now. :)

sessann said...
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sessann said...

thanks so much for the mention! i am nomadic sun as well as cosmic-dust.tumblr.com.

ED said...

me encanta! great fotos and going to try this perfume, we can buy in UK?

ibrahim said...
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ibrahim said...

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