Charles Anastase spring 2011

Do you think it might be possible to invent a quick cure for gastric flu? Sickness overshadowed my Saturday and stopped me from attending the one show I was really looking forward to. Age from My Beautiful City had been extremely kind and provided a ticket. I needed no persuasive encouragement and immediately accepted despite the fact that I usually prefer to avoid the fuss and fanfare of fashion weeks. I find that they normally dissolve into absurdity which is why I genuinely enjoy looking at the reports online, cherry-picking and finding styles that suit me from the calm of my own home! Regular readers will know that I love Charles Anastase. The one occasion I have to jump into his universe and I miss it. Devil germs. I had to renounce getting out of the house and settled for my usual pragmatic approach: Internet viewing.
Charles Anastase’s French roots seem to offer a constant source of inspiration and this collection is a remarkable example of this. His mastery of the “petite enfant sage” or romantic old-school bourgeoise girl from the 16th arrondissement in Paris is the successful and very precise identity he has established in the past few years (except for the autumn/winter 2009/10 which was a small diversion from his habitual and judicious use of nostalgic sophistication). Step into his world and be prepared for a blaze of pure visual enchanting and mysterious excitement. I sometimes find myself thinking that he is reinterpreting the elemental forms of some of the costumes Chantal Goya wore when I was growing up (French speakers will know who I’m talking about but otherwise go to YouTube or here. I just adore his consistent vision and his predisposition to explore puritanical and slightly perverse references at the same time. Peter Pan collars, full skirts, classic pencil skirts and blouses, deliciously innocent smock dresses and a variety of lovely details such as muted colours, transparent fabrics, metallic foil, cascades of summery flowers and the fundamentally Charles Anastase super high chunky platform shoes. A desirable collection and opportunity for serious contemplation! Oh, and pay attention to the perfect hair…


Pictures courtesy of / Collage July Stars


Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

Oh no, so sorry you missed it. I thought for a moment you'd rallied out of your sick bed, only to collapse moments after clutching your camera! Hope the flu is all better now. I've got a throat infection and totally lost my voice but keep talking so it's my own fault.

Anonymous said...

I love those brightly colored heels and accessories paired with the neutral dresses.

tea and cactus said...

the dresses
the eyewear
the shoes
the hair
the runway
i love iloveilove

oh and your collage and words

(Chantal Goya you are sooo right... the hair!)

(such a shame the nasty Gastro kept you in bed!)

tangent mag said...

fantastic looks

tangent magazine


tea and cactus said...

the shoes
the dresses
the eyewear
the runway
the hair indeed!

love it loveitloveit

your collage
your words


(Chantal Goya - so true...)

(such a shame the nasty gastro kept you in bed!)

Bisous sous le soleil x

Juliet said...

It is an amazing collection!

juliet xxx

City Girl said...

I love Charles Anastase. These are so lovely, feminine and delicate but oh-so-cool! Would like one of those collars...the shoes are pretty special too! Your blog is great, can't wait to read your next post.
City Girl x

annierama said...

Oh no, hope you´ll feel better soon! I´m sure you´ll be invited to the next fashion show of this amazing label , too!
and your collage is gorgeous!

Dearbhaile + Jos said...

Oh Charles! All I can think about is cutting a fringe and orange ankle straps.
Get well soon

Annushka said...

I Love this post)))
Beautiful blog)))