Elle Japan

I can't resist drawing attention to this ELLE Japan article about bloggers.
I was incredibly excited to see that I was featured alongside wonderful people like Supermarket Sarah and Jackie Dixon!
I'm so flattered and honoured to have been selected to appear in this piece. It feels like a mini triumph in the history of my blog to be recognised by such a big publication.
A huge thank you to Marie Miyazaki!
PS: Do any of you understand Japanese? I'd love a rough translation of the text...

Picture 3

Picture 4

July Stars Elle Japan
July Stars Elle Japan 2


Juliet said...


juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi, congratulations! Your look is so effortlessly chic, love the socks with your heels. I've been skeptical of printed ones, but I think you pull it off so well.


tea and cactus said...

hey that's great!! Felicitation ! (we need a translation too!)

Little Nutbrown Hare said...

Title: Something about IT bags and shoes of 7 power bloggers around the world

Your bit... Something about boys-like style, arty photos, loves socks, matching socks with high-brand shoes. This time you've matched the retro atmosphere dot socks with gold platform elegant Christian Louboutin sandals, wonderful mix (contrast).

Eric in Hiroshima said...


7 Powerbloggers of the World give their "IT Bag" & "Shoes" Photo[s]

copy [literal translation rather than pretty]:

[above the photo]

Broadcasting a daily fashionable message, now, "bloggers" are gathering the most attention. Among them, 7 influential ones introduce this season's IT bags and shoes. Of course, you must check out their[female] blogs!

[below the photo]

JULY STARS/jyajya.haaguriibusu (Jaja Hargreaves)

Her own fashion "one step this side of tomboy" admiring Jaja. In "July Stars" she announces a little bit "boys-like" clothes in "arty" photos. That kind of woman likes big socks. For example focussed on socks and high-brand shoes. This time, pairing polka dot socks she seems to be attached to with gold platform elegant "Kurisuchyan Rubutan" sandals, a feeling of enjoying an exquisite mix.

[black bar that says "JULY STARS"]

Jaja says when she started the blog "I wanted to carry my thinking about my own fashion to like-minded people." Fashionably, a lot of tomboy-girlish catchable dynamism photos are somehow cute.

July Stars said...

Eric and Tommy: Thank you so much for your translations. I really appreciate it and it was very sweet of you to take the time to look at the text!

Dominika said...

congrats! It's great award.

Sharon said...

Congratulations! Well deserved (and fantastic socks!)

Sharon xx


verychiclist said...

Cool! I do love Vogue Japan!


verychiclist said...

pardon, elle!:-)


Jade said...

aw thats awsome

i love your socks btw

Jade Appeal

lacgama said...

I had read article about your blog at ELLE ONLINE.
I especially like your pictures.