The Observer's O:Man supplement

Peter Lyle, the editor of O: (The Observer's fashion supplement), recently asked me to present a small illustrated selection of my "menswear" influences for issue No. 23. I feel immeasurably lucky to have been given the opportunity to contribute. O: is a highly informative and exquisitely curated publication bringing together a great blend of shoots and contrastingly intriguing portraits. In this issue alone there are glimpses into the rich and stimulating worlds of Margaret Howell, Werner Herzog and Dan Lepard as well as a shoot set in the house of the immensely entertaining and mysterious James Goldstein! Here's my page. Hope you'll enjoy it...
Huge thank you to Peter Lyle and Caroline Issa

Photo and scan: July Stars



Crystal Lee said...

really dig those creepers!

Polley said...

ahh this is wonderful!
can I order the magazine online?

those creepers are really cool, a nice alternative to the ultra goth ones (not that I don't sort of like those as well... hahaha)

If Jane said...

very cool!
(oh and i would be curious to see what was written about herzog...)

laurakitty said...

Congratulations, Jaja! And yay for including Eddie!