Ellen Nolan

Yes, I know, I’ve probably managed to alienate some of my readers with my passion for David Hamilton but look, I don’t find his photography shocking. Not even the piquant teen nudes. I think he genuinely has managed to achieve a sort of exquisite and poetic timelessness, a style that has become instantly recognisable. His images and techniques continue to have potency today. I confess to not liking many of his copycat groupies but there is one person who successfully and credibly embraced his approach. I’ve kept this Ellen Nolan fashion shoot in a drawer for a couple of years and it’s a miracle I even came across it since I never buy the Telegraph! I was surprised. Her pictures had an immediate effect on me. They seem to be driven by piercing observation and a sure understanding of Hamilton’s pieces. Beautiful.

I wonder if David Hamilton will one day be acknowledged for the remarkable artist that he is… He’s a familiar figure in my life but deserves to be lingered over by everyone.

Photos courtesy of Ellen Nolan

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Anonymous said...

i really love how sensual and innocent these photos are. there's a romantic, carefree quality to them that is perfectly dreamy!


laurakitty said...

Oh these are so gorgeous! Thank you for posting them.

As you know, I share your love for David Hamilton- have you seen all the photos of his I've been posting lately?