Olympia Le-Tan, toujours et encore

I celebrated my birthday on the 14th of July and here’s one the most delightful presents I received. An Olympia Le-Tan bag. My sister had to devote several days to track one down making this surprise even more special. A double thrill!
You’ll forgive me, I hope, for coming back so soon to the subject of Olympia Le-Tan (see my post dated 5th July) but as you may have figured out, I’m obsessed with her timeless and uniquely modern book clutches. As far as I’m concerned, the girl is amazing: literature and fashion. A highly seductive combination.

I took this picture of my bag in Cassis, South of France.



Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday, lovely jaja!

i too have an olympia le-tan obsession. can't get enough of her delightful bags!

yours is just perfect.

kisses from LA

xo joanna


What I wouldn't give for one of her book clutches. And I don't even like clutches. Or one of her father's prints.

Can you imagine if she did a clutch OF one of her father's illustrations?? GAME OVER.

July Stars said...

@stopitrightnow My husband and I have done extensive research to find a reasonably priced Pierre Le-Tan print. I think we may have found one but still debating whether to get it or not. In the meantime, I've been collecting all the books for which he has done illustrations (dust jackets mostly)... Fan!