Stolen Girlfriends Club

I can’t exactly remember how I came across New-Zealand ‘s Stolen Girlfriends Club but it felt like I had uncovered a buried treasure that had been hidden for many years, which of course it was not! I’m probably the principal offender, much to my own shame. I had heard of the brand and seen a few glorious pieces on Gnarlitude but never bothered to seek it out actively. A couple of days ago my attention was directed to their website and all the collections finally emerged into the light. Needless to say, I was sold: the proportions of the clothes, versatility, prints, colours, attention to details and shoes form an overall effect which completely fits in with my sense of aesthetics. Pieces that are easy to wear but all infused with a scent of rock n’roll cool. It’s subtle but definitely there, floating amidst everything created by the three boys behind the brand.
In conclusion, the wisdom of experience shows that I should immediately research anything I find interesting or attractive. In this instance, I might have discovered the label somewhat sooner… Hahaha.
I leave you with some of my favourite looks.

All images courtesy of Stolen Girlfriends Club



Night at Vogue said...

It's really beautiful! The middle look is my favorite! I have a new blog, I would really appreciate If you came and check it and tell me if you like it?

Anonymous said...

i love the skirts here. so great. esp the lace one! great blog.

Rae-Emily Smith said...

Not heard of that brand before, thanks for bringing it to my attaetion... love the piece in the middle!