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If you’re feeling charitable and you have some spare cash at your disposal you might want to place a bid in the Dazed&Confused/Oxfam charity auction! And since past research indicates that being magnanimous makes you happy, I’d argue that nothing will beat winning one of the items up for grabs.
The idea is refreshing and particularly interesting. All the objects available are carefully edited highlights from the careers of designers, stylists and make-up artists. A sharp vision outlining the last 20 years in fashion.
I only had to briefly consider the remarkable range of historical trophies. I knew immediately where my money would go if I had a flood of it: Katie Shillingford’s blue/grey wig and Jefferson Hack’s Andy Warhol’s “Index”. The first because I’m fascinated by the beautiful stylist’s inspiring hair adventures and the book because it was the first one to be mass-produced and represents a poignant piece in the artist’s career. I actually genuinely wish I could own this cult book. It’s an indisputable masterpiece. It takes the appearance of a children’s book but addresses adults. There’s a pop-up castle, fold-out accordion, pop-up airplane, Chelsea Girls disc, a paper sculpture attached to the book with a string, Lou Reed record, a fold-out sheet with nose and overlays, a pop-up Hunt's Tomato Paste can, a tear-out warm water sheet and a balloon that is stuck between two pages. An extraordinary revelation for a fan of pop art like myself. A gem to be treasured forever.

All pictures courtesy of Dazed&Confused

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