Wes Lang

America should idolise Wes Lang!
He mixes pictorial elements (drawing, painting, collage) and they conform to a strict formula: clarity of line, careful, harmonious and minutely detailed compositions culminating in meltingly beautiful images.
He pays tribute to the spirit of the United States through his unique talent. The spectre of American Indians, whiskey country, exquisite birds, haunting skulls, skeletons and spectacularly erotic girls are all intimately thrown in together in a rather remarkably balanced way.
A higher plane of aesthetic achievement!
Now, if only I could buy a couple of drawings...

All pictures courtesy of Wes Lang





Night at Vogue said...

These are pretty!

Lidiya said...

His illustrations are just wow ... simply perfection <3

Wends said...

what a wonderful read, your blog is truly a collection of beautiful sentiments

so glad I found it! please drop by sometime :)