Here’s something you should add to your Christmas wish list: a Barbour Beaufort classic jacket to protect you against the deep winter freeze. Like the geeky NHS black frames all the cool kids are wearing, the greasy waterproof wax jacket is now right up there with the PS1 and YSL besace. The efficient British utility jacket has acquired a certain street cred and become stylishly hip thanks to the likes of Alexa Chung, Ashley Olsen, Vanessa Traina and Kate Moss who have all given the brand their stamp of approval. This oily waterproof is a new and exciting addition to my wardrobe, something useful in which to run my life. I love its functionality and individualism, it evokes a Royal heritage but can be visually electric and modern when combined with skinny jeans and heels or a little jazzy flowery dress. The lanky silhouette and details have been re-worked and widely copied by a lot of designers but the original remains highly desirable and has won my heart. Its focus is casual but the tailoring is good, it evokes old country folks, rural gentlemen with guns and hounds, but mixed with the right clothes it is transformed into a strong and sexy visual reference. Aesthetics are difficult. I love my Barbour but the enthusiasm was not immediately shared by my boy who thought that the oversized shape looked ‘curious’ on me. I am determined to win him over with my reinterpretation of the classic Beaufort!

Photos: TFS and Barbour website


Lisa said...

oh man!

i so need this jacket in the canadian cold.


hunting for a green parka of sorts.


i.d. said...

Stunning. I would love to dress it up with a little sequinned dress, black tights and booties! xx

ELLE said...

Ah however many I try on they just don't seem to look that great on my 5'3 body. My boyfriend has 5 Barbours now- he's ridiculous. But he does look great in them!

July Stars said...

Lisa: Get a Barbour, olive green, perfect!

i.d.: Yes, that's the idea and I think it really works/rocks!

Elle: Yes, the boy has one Barbour and a very old vintage Belstaff, both look so good on him and he always receive compliments when he's wearing one or the other. I had mine adjusted by the way. The arms are skinny now and I love the overall effect. A good seamstress is the key!

Lady Melbourne said...

If anyone can make this fashionable Alexa can!

karii said...


oooohhh alexa, her coat/jacket is the most, all your style is here!

thanxxx for your comment, your blog i soo adorable, i really like it! exchange links?????

un besito desde mexico city!


broadcast.poulet said...

ohhh so amazing. i LOVE this jacket.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for your comment :) I took them in july.

STEFANIE said...

this would be perfect for those rainy days! ^-^

i.d. said...

Hey again! Just left you a couple of awards on my blog - enjoy! x

karii said...



oooo amo tu blog, te quiero hacer una pregunta, como has hecho para que tu blog se ha expandido así, puedas tener una foto tan grande y los elementos a la derecha"??

un besooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Matilda said...

yeah they are, i love his photos!

deep_in_vogue said...

I love Barbour, they have the best windwear

Alice (ou Al) said...

une valeur sure avec ça tu ne peux pas etre out!

July Stars said...

Lady M: You're absolutely right, Alexa Chung can start a trend in two seconds flat. The girl has style!

Karii: Gracias por tu comment. Estoy muy contenta que te gusta mi blog! Besitos

Broadcast poulet: I forgot to tell you that I love your blog title, it always makes me laugh so much!

Stefanie: Rainy days or snowy days... I've tested both and the jacket withstood the elements in style! It's officially love between me and my Barbour.

i.d: Oh, awards? Really? I'm going to check it out now!

Karii: Un amigo mio me ha hecho todo el design del blog. Yo no sabe nada de nada sobre la tecnologia. Voy a preguntar le si es difficil y te enviare un mail.

Deep in Vogue: I agree with you 100%

Alice: Achete le tient avant de debarquer a Londres! Quand est ce que tu arrives au fait?

Alice (ou Al) said...

je débarque le week end du 4 janvier encore trois semaines à attendre j'ai hate

yellowshoe said...

no I'm not in paris.but i did something french or met.

Anonymous said...

It's very interesting. The jacket isn't very flattering, but incredibly chic and drapes to create a nice silhouette.

Anonymous said...









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