On Friday evening I had a look at the latest issue of Vogue Nippon and made a mental note to mention the “Baroque Heart” editorial on my blog. Katja Rahlwes’s photography bowled me over. My eye immediately caught the drama of the clothes and the unconscious connection to the fantasy and glamour of the eighties. The stylist, Sissy Vian, performs a perfect fashion punch, sophisticated and slightly ironic at the same time. A kind of energy emanates from the heavy atmosphere and the mood of decadence and disillusionment (think Guy Bourdin). The high gloss of the images only serves to accentuate a mysteriously staged narrative. Malgosia Bela hits us with her highly charged and haunting eroticism, almost making us forget to focus on the Viktor & Rolf dress, the green crystal Balmain mini, the Dolce & Gabbana oriental costume and the nude Givenchy outfit. The entire shoot is undeniably sexy, reminiscent of a Jay McInerney New York story of 80’s style decadence, a raw cinematic narrative. I love these images: they’re interesting, elaborate and while not entirely new, they project something modern and chic.
Back to listening to some jazz and cleaning the flat now!

Baroque Heart
Vogue Nippon February 2009
Photography: Katja Rahlwes
Styling: Sissy Vian
Model : Magolsia Bela

Pictures: The Fashion Spot


Anonymous said...

"Ah c'est luxe,c'est beau, c'est brillance, c'est baroque...bon je vais nettoyer l'appart là tchûss!"- J'adore!

i.d. said...

Very 80s - the shoulder pads and glitz remind me of Dynasty!!

Krystal said...

i love all of this!

July Stars said...

Sale gamine: Bein ouhais, faut bien nettoyer de temps en temps! Hahaha

i.d.: There's definitely a Dynasty smell to the whole shoot, you're right.

Krystal: Hey Krystal, I'm glad you love this shoot! I'd love to play dress up with some of the clothes featured here. Great styling...

Jack Daniel said...

beautiful pictures!!

Denise : NYLON 87 said...

This is my first visit here.

And I luv your blog!
Very high fashion, very chic~!

July Stars said...

Jack Daniel: Hey, welcome to my blog and thanks for leaving me a comment!!! Hope you enjoyed your visit...

Denise: Thanks for the adorable comment. Hope to see you again here soon!

Natalië said...

oh i love this!

Anonymous said...


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