Is it just me or is the fashion world being taken over once again by Western bandits? I only ask because on at least three occasions this month I have found myself staring at magazine editorials showing scenes stolen from the Western genre. My attitude has become more lenient towards so-called fashion modern classic themes such as this one. Western costumes and designs seem to unquestionably belong to our current culture of trends and keep disappearing and reappearing rapidly. Not a real novelty but still a powerful and exciting style which always convinces me to step out of my jewellery comfort zone. In my view, an abundance of turquoise and American Indian inspired bracelets and rings always looks luscious!
The styling in the first three pictures was done by Kate Lanphear of course and the rest of the pictures are from
Vogue China February 2009.
I watched The Wrestler on Saturday night and Rourke’s performance brought tears to my eyes. Yes, I’m serious! I never thought that watching grown men with bad bleached blond long 80’s hair beating the shit out of each other would ever be fun but “The Ram” (for those of you who have seen the film) has a certain physicality that simply commands your full attention. The staple gun scene was totally and absolutely horrible to sit through, especially if you’re pathetically squeamish like me. Anyway, try to catch it before it’s too late.

All pictures: TSF and Elle.com



i.d. said...

Agreed, this trend kind of came out of nowhere for me. But I do love any excuse to embellish!

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Hm. I'm not really a big fan of Western wear, but I guess it's all a matter of how you style it. Those editorials look pretty stunning.


Alice (ou Al) said...

I definitely like the black hat! and I have to bring back my cow boy boots from US!bisous

miss a. said...

God, I love western wear. I can't even deny it. I just wish I didn't look so confused when I wear it.

karii said...

hello honey bunny!

omg kate makes a great job°° i love it, how are you????

Nil said...

I loved your blog July very inspiring and fun to read. I'll be following

Cris said...


I really like your blog. You choose really nice pictures!

Yes, I'd say that there's some western elements getting into our lives...

So, when are you coming back to Barcelona? ;-)

Besos guapa!

Matt Rowley said...

I can say the same! your blog and it's pictures are amazing!

Elle est où ma caisse? said...

i remember a lovely shoot with erin wasson, it was also very cowboy-ish
love these pictures too

MR style said...

well i just hope the world will never become like a big western !! please

hande's closet said...

these pics are amazing love a little touch of glam and western...and love ur blog so much exchange the links???
kisses HANDE...

July Stars said...

i.d.: This trend keeps coming and going and will probably never disappear... I love seeing all the different reinterpretations of the Western style. Fun.

The six six six girls: Hey, there are a lot of components of the Western genre which I would definitely integrate into my wardrobe. But you're absolutely right, It's always a matter of styling!

Alice: Talking of hats, there's an amazing hat shop in London which you must visit, I will have to email you the address!

Miss A.: I doubt that you would look "confused" wearing this style! A girl like you?

Karii: Hey, I'm really good guapita, and you? Kate is one of the best, you're right ...

Nil: Thank you!!!

Cris: Barcelona won't be until the summer. I can't wait! You'll have to give tips on places to see ...

Matt Rowley: Hey, welcome here and thanks for the very sweet comment!

Elle est ou ma caisse: God, I just love the title of your blog. It always makes me laugh!

Mr Style: Hey gorgeous, imagine the world as a big spaghetti western... kinda fun for a while...

Hande's closet: Thank you for the comment, lovely! I'm glad you like the pictures and my blog ...

Anonymous said...

the yellow dress with all the embelishments is stunning

geri said...

i loved this spread in elle but you are totally right about the reappearing and disappearing trend that does always look luscious!

KATLIN said...

I wouldn't ordinarily like this, but I'm LOVING the styling!

July Stars said...

Theresa: It's a Dior dress!

Geri: Love the ELLE ed too ...

Katlin: The styling for the first editorial is the best. I'm not that much into the second one.

Anonymous said...

I love the western-style.. And the indian style, offcorse. It's kind of Boho, and relaxing. I'm starting to get a little bit tired of black, leather and givenchy jewerly now. Looking forward to the summer and spring.

Thank you very much for your comment, I'm glad you like the photo :) Really.

cool band tee's :)

Anonymous said...

kate lanphear has the worst styling chops ever, this is the worst punk interpretation/cowboy/moto ever.

Jack Daniel said...

thanks for the comment on my blog. The pictures in this post are really well done! Your blog is interesting!

Taylor said...

your blog is fabulous.
i wish i could pull off bangs like the first picture.

exchange links?

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