There is a new crop of smaller labels emerging on the fashion scene and TV is one of them. I was immediately attracted to the intriguing balance between teenage rebellion and masculine qualities of the autumn/winter 09 looks. I felt an instant connection and love the modern romantic sensibility projected by the clothes. The proportions are fluid and graceful and this particular collection feels extremely contemporary, uncomplicated, cool and young. It has a certain street energy and functionality with moments of softness and sensuality. These are beautiful, wearable and irresistible clothes that relate to my world. I’m addicted to the brand’s city warrior silhouettes. TV provides a fresh and relevant approach to design. A tremendous talent with a new notion of chic suggesting an attempt to answer the needs of the market. I personally surrender completely to TV’s ideas and cannot wait to see what they will accomplish in the future and where it will lead them. Whatever direction the brand takes, I predict a significant commercial success!

All pictures taken from the TV website



DUSKIN said...

yeah, i really think they are fabulous.

i.d. said...

You got the "modern romantic" observation right - I love the mix of patterns and neutrals, so brilliant. x

Dotti said...

Just have to love it too.

July Stars said...

Duskin: This has got to be one of the best collections I've seen in a long time. I would wear any one of those looks and absolutely adore the styling!

i.d: The cuts and materials too are so spot on ...

Dotti: Hello lovely, I'm glad you like this collection. I need to find out whether they sell their stuff in London!

Lisa said...

oh my.

i was trying to pick one look that i loved the most. and i could not.



the styling is impeccable.
and the simplicity ( my true love ) is out of this world.

thanks beauty for the introduction.

have a wonderfulllll day


Anonymous said...


Miriam said...

..LOVE the bag on the 3rd photo!

Anonymous said...

yup love these.
posted about them on my blog too! they seem so street inspired... like really really legit awesome thrift store finds expertly styled .


Vintage Tea said...

Love them. Thanks for posting

July Stars said...

Lisa: Hey beautiful, I'm glad you like this collection ... I'd love to get my hands on some pieces but I still haven't found out whether they sell in London.

Anonymous: Glad you like it!

Miriam: The bag has such a cool shape!

D: 100% right!

Vintage tea: I'm going to start looking at their previous collections now, so obsessed with this one at the moment ... x

Gerry said...

What I really love about this collection is it feels both sexy and sensual without being showy or vulgar. I only wish they were stocked in more places... Thanks for showing us :)

a. said...

hello darling!

goodness, i havent been here in so long. i apologize. ive been quite horrible with comments as of late.

but my mate, stevie (of discotheque confusion) who was first to tell me about 'apartamento' says to tell you that you can get it where she did, in london at magma.

let me know if & when you get it! you are going to love it even more in person than through online!

hope youre well, loads of love xx, A.

María said...

Unas fotos geniales!!

Un besote

dapper kid said...

I completely agree with you, most definitely fluid and graceful. I adore the rather muted palette as well.

bi-style said...

Great outfits I love the XXL knitted jumper.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Je crois que ca marche là...Sinon c'est plus Joaquin,c'est Christian Bale.Je ne veux aucun email de Christian en train de danser la polka, tu es prévenue.

adele said...

i'm so glad to find a beautiful fashion label from my own country. thanks very much for sharing with me, i'm so inspired for winter! their latest collection is fantastic, and fits perfectly with my wardrobe.
nice find!

Rollergirl said...

I love the styling too. Wonder what the price point is?

She's Dressing Up said...

Thanks for sharing these, a fantastic collection

s said...

what song is that one? the first video....



July Stars said...

s: The band is called Pleasure!

STEFANIE said...

Wow love these! If I had to pick a favourite, it would be the all-black look in the center, but well, I actually love them all!

Moodie said...

Thanks for making me discover this brand ! I LOVE IT ! Bisous

July Stars said...

Stefanie: I know what you mean about the all black outfit... the details are so charming: it's the belt, leather skirt with pockets and the shoes that do it for me! And the neck of the jumper. Complete perfection!

Moodie: Je suis contente que ca te plaise! Bisous

-s said...


Thanks for the Pleasure...I mean the band, of course. :)
I had never heard of it before! Time to update my CD list.

Thanks again,


An Australian label - hoorah! TV is fantastic. You are a GREAT writer.

TheMinx said...

I'm c-c-craving the third outfit.

Fashion Trix said...

ive never heard of them, but they're great. great blog

Anonymous said...

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