Continuing on the same elegantly relaxed line of thought as Proenza is Nicolas Ghesquière. His ideas for the pre fall 2009 collection are a girl's dream. I could feel the excitement rising while examining his looks on Style last night! He has captured a crucial moment in time, reflecting the economic pain we are currently experiencing, his designs and creativity have flourished and display a somewhat more quiet tone. Supercharged with street influences accompanied by luxury accents like fur, the overall impression is a nod to urban culture. The drop crotch trousers, skinny jeans, motorcycle boots and gigantic platform booties (which made my pulse race) will become instant editorial successes and the silhouettes will probably be copied and found in Top Shop very soon. Beautiful looking and wearable pieces of clothing seem to suddenly be all the rage.
We can meditate on today's lack of fashion excesses, a new era!
I'm having dinner tonight with one of my best friends, a girl with one of the best fashion sense in London, and I'm looking forward to gossip, laughs and a

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Lisa said...

this is TOO good.

my eyes are in style heaven.
seriously though. this is fashion. this is style.

simple but so multi-dimensional.

ah. in love.

enjoy your evening beauty


Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

OMG - So fab!

Thanks so much for commenting.

Your blog is amazing, I'm now a big fan.

i.d. said...

In addition to the subdued excess (if we may call it that), I'm loving the more toned-down palette - the grays, peaches and creams are so lovely.

adele said...

those looks are utterly incredible. thankyou, thankyou for drawing my attention to Nicolas Ghesquière! he's amazing, definately one to watch.
i am by no means a minimalist, but these pictures are threatening to change my mind.

July Stars said...

Lisa: I knew you'd appreciate this collection! Kisses from London, gorgeous!

Fashion loving stylist: Thanks for the comment, I'm so happy that you've enjoyed reading my blog and I really hope to find you here again soon!

i.d.: You're so right about the colour palette, gorgeous...

Adele: You check out his previous collections. He is one of the few great designers of our time!!!

stilettostetico said...

Une collection "Futuriste à visage Humain" !!!

StyleCopycat said...

Love, love, love this Balenciaga collection!!


KATLIN said...

I think this is one of the best, in terms of wearablity, collections that Nicolas has done at Balenciaga! I'm not a fan of the fur, but I love proportions of the looks with the furry arms... the layers and styling are amazing!!

M* said...

OH MY GOD!!! I totally adore this!!!

La photographe said...

i love your interesting
ill come all the time!

July Stars said...

Katlin: I agree with you 100%, the styling is incredible!

M*: Hola chica, I'm so happy that you love this collection. It might inspire you in the future?

La photographe: Wow, super contente que mon blog te plaise. Ca me fait super plaisir, surtout que j'aime enormement le tien! Love, love, love x

a. said...

amazing, i love that fur vest!


white lightning said...

oohhh gawwwwd its all too good. freals. i'm SO INTO IT. beyond my shoe lust THAT BAG is something to try and make happen.

all the fur is realllllly seductive too....

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