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How to account for the phenomenon of
Chadwick Tyler? Much has been written already about the man and his photography but the process of idolization began with the instant acclaim that greeted the first images of his not yet open first solo show: Tiberius. Tyler has created a fairy tale of such potency and beauty that it reconnects with the primal thrill and horror of depression era stories. His images are populated by an extensive cast of talented models ranging from the unknown to Karlie Kloss, Lisa Cant, Maggie Rizer, Agnete Hegelund, and Lekeliene Stange. Like captivating oddities, macabre characters in makeup and great styling evoke the realities of past American life in the dirty thirties, expressing a wide range of intense emotions. The striking figures, sometimes appearing quite gruesome, seem to be exploring mysterious dark edges buried deep inside their souls. Chadwick Tyler wants to prove that if an artist looks inward rather than outward, unembellished beauty and emotion will surface. A raw vision of a life and death combat. His photographs are complex and ambiguous, shrouded in mystery and fundamental romanticism. I also see a celebration of individual worth and personal freedom in these images, a much simpler theory, I know.
I hope that a publication will be available from the gallery.

All photos: The Fashion Spot


dapper kid said...

These are absolutely stunning, the emotion in that fourth photo is soo beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing these :)

E.K. said...

These are beautiful.

Nina (femme rationale) said...

i love these photos...so hauntingly beautiful.

Miriam said...

tyler is great but not wow i think ;)

Miriam said...

ok. this was WOW. shame on me

Anonymous said...

wow these are so haunting

fashionaddict said...

Chadwick Tyler rocks, his work always captivates me. I've been very interested in looking at this series, thanks for putting it up.

miss a. said...

I loveeeeeeeee this series. I've just spent the last week watching "Bleak House" (with Gillian Anderson) and "Oliver Twist" (the one with Daniel Radcliffe in it), and it's such a perfect way to close up my week of London poverty. The second photo just screams, "Please, sir, can I have some more?" or "Please, 'ir, can I haf so' 'ore?"

I hope you're staying warm! The stories of London inundated with snow sound grotesque! :)

JEYQ said...

haha thanks you, and YES very intentional.

i'm jey =]

Michael Oats said...

Hi, take a look at my last shooting:

Pas de Panic
Photographed by Michael Oats

at http://www.michaeloats.blogspot.com

I hope u like it! :)

SJ said...

beautiful photographs. i especially like the first two.

Facehunter said...

Nice Blog

LoveMore said...


i am blown away. these are so so amazing. oh i am in love with them. thanks so much for sharing!

and thanks for your comment tooooo!!! :)

hope you had a nice wednesday!

xx lm

K said...

these we`re beautifull, I love this blog, just haven`t ever left a coment.

U give so much

xoxo - K

Anonymous said...

unfortuanatly yes, it`s in norwegian, maybe I`ll do some posts in english :)

xoxo - K

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful and unusual. I love them!

MR style said...


Nil said...

You just have a great blog

stilettostetico said...

Une atmosphère fascinante, avec (chose extrêmement rare en matière de photo de mode) une vraie "profondeur sociale" !!!
ps: ET des articles toujours aussi stimulants !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Anonymous said...

turn your music off, and don't talk about RTX when you probably don't even listen to them

Brook and Lyn said...

"the dirty thirties" I love that. It reminds me of those very old rusty mirrors that are all warped. I've been a big fan of your blog for some time now. Thanks for your visit on mine and the kinds words you left behind. Your writing is exquisite.

Dooder City said...

These are just spectacular. I love them. Reminds me of every old movie I love.

Bijou and Ruby said...

Who knew ash could look so cool! Its like a fashionalble Burt from Mary Poppins



KATLIN said...

lurve the rawness of these photos!

Moodie said...

The first two pictures look like babies. Kids, really. It's disturbing, yet beautiful. I just had a look at Kate Moss very first editorial with Corinne Day, it looks just the same. I'll post about it tomorrow i think. I love your blog more and more. Love, Moodie

JB said...

Check out www.behindtiberius.com and http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/pages/TIBERIUS-by-Chadwick-Tyler/47038867477

for more info and images. Great blog.


broadcast.poulet said...

these are phenomenal....

Stephanie said...

Those pictures are so amazing.
Thanks for visiting the scrapbook!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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