I’m not going to go on about Paolo Roversi for too long but writing about Chadwick Tyler I suddenly became aware of the fact that the work of both photographers shares the same frenzied emotional temperature. Roversi tightly focuses on subjects demonstrating surprising human dynamism. He finds movement in the attentive and demanding intensities of his models who seem entirely committed to him. The photographer has resisted contemporary fashion language and directions to establish his own process of representation, rooted in history and 19th century images. His standards, with its own set of unquestionable rules, are extremely different to what we see in magazines today. What I love about his work is that he always seems to be playing with the strengths of his models, rather than trying to impose ideas on them. His approach is one of collaboration. His attitude is to accommodate the subjects to achieve a perfect moment and mood overlapping with the raw emotion of the model showing her inner essence. I don’t think that there are many photographers today who can so perfectly capture elements of a personality. His imagery is intriguing and enchanting, with an intensity reminiscent to romantic portrait painters. His subdued palette and hushed faded tones serve to highlight the beauty and pure emotions of the models. I look at his pictures and always think of powerful historical apparitions, ghosts of passed times in a world of contemporary fashion. I’m curious to know what you all think of his work!

If you liked the Chadwick photos I posted here yesterday, go to for more information. Thank you, JB!

All pictures: The Fashion Spot



broadcast.poulet said...

gahh im drooling.

withasianstereotypes said...

I'm in LOVE with your blog it's like a dream. You have incredible taste baby.

mwah, China L.

Nita-Karoliina said...

heh,just one, Pablo that chihuahua, that big one is my mothers, as so is Dali, little chihuahua in my newest post :)

Madame said...

Did you go to the ladies only EODM show at the review bar last week? I notice you're featuring their track...I went to the last one which was amaaaazing but I was djing so couldn't go this time grrrrrr xxx
Madame xx

Gypsy Stardust said...

lovelovelove your blog!
And love your concert tee post, the Prince shirt is Amazing!


JEYQ said...

natalia is such a chameleon. & gemma why have you escaped us? anyway, i feel forever indebted to you for exposing me to chadwick tyler. he's such a visionary in the shutterbug world and quite possibly in the entire industry.

from what you've shared with us here, Roversi seems to gear more towards portrait, which never hurt when you have models that give good face. HA!

thanks for sharing =]

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.Mais de rien ma chérie, je t'honore de mes goûts musicaux quand tu veux!J'essaierais de te convaincre plus tard pour mes goûts masculins...Bientôt tu auras un powerpoint de joaquin Phoenix, Christian Bale et Clive Owen qui défilera en boucle je te le promets!

Nay said...

This is very very bad! Your words, pictures, and style are amazing! I scrolled through a lot...a LOT!
Kept up and I will be back again and again! Great work!

Moodie said...

Everytime I come here, I discover something. Thanks ! Natalia didn't look that intriguing yesterday at regines. Her Etam collection is a joke !
Love the new music. Wish I was i LA too !

i.d. said...

His work is beautiful and, you're right, definitely has an old world sensibility. There's a stillness that I find very intriguing.

kenny said...

Wonderful photos!

stellawantstodie said...

first photo is amazing....natalia vodianova is amazing!!

Alice (ou Al) said...

amaizing work, tres joli travail sur le portrait j'aime bcp!

Dooder City said...

great write up. i love the last profile shot of i think it is gemma.

Bijou and Ruby said...

oh this is lovely so over the top and brilliant. I am so so so into dramatic editorals!

love the blog

Anonymous said...

I love how primal the first photo is. The hair is so cool - very warrior like. And all of the color in the following photos!! That whole matador-inspired getup is invigorating. Thanks for these! xo

maisie #1 and #2 said...

love your analysis. and, in fact, your whole blog!

must find out more about paolo!

/maisie #1

Deborah said...

All of those pictures are so intense! I love all of them!


laurakitty said...

The last black and white is so gorgeous- so evocative and romantic.

Blood Roses said...

I love the empirical, historical style of these shots, they are so powerful and awe-inspiring

LoveMore said...

WOW these are amazing amazing amazing! i love the last one is so beautiful, and so is she!

and thanks for your comment! yes kate is everywhere! i love her also. haha
x LM

fashionaddict said...

I have always loved Paolo Roversi, and having been an admirer of Chadwick Tyler, I was interested in your comparison of the two - you're right about the intensity.

I wonder if you like Sally Mann? The Chadwick Tyler show reminded me of her early (non fashion related) work.

sweeetheartfever said...

i really enjoy reading your posts! not only do you find and share absolutely beautiful photography, but you have such insightful and interesting commentary.

i really love the selections you've made here--so haunting and interesting. eek!

KATLIN said...

Gawgiss! :) Esp like the first one!

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