You probably thought that I’d run off to join the jet set in the LA sun, but I’ve been here all along, trying to finish work and meet deadlines. I did escape to a sleepy village in Somerset on Saturday, leaving the circus of London behind me for one night. Glencot House is another world, a little bubble of peace disturbed only by the solemn sound of gliding ducks and owls in the melting snow. In between a long walk, taking pictures of the enchantingly freshly coated earth and dinner with friends I was transfixed by S Meyers “Twilight” (I’m rather late catching up with all the hype surrounding teenage vampires). Rooted to the chair until it was time to have dinner.
And on a different note, now that I have returned to London and its constant fashion madness, I have to show you these images from
La Garçonne. A quieter aesthetic injected with a sense of energy, simple and sometimes boyish, these well-conceived pieces can be adapted and combined indefinitely to achieve a chic and cool look. The cuts and silhouettes shown here are so flattering despite the lack of embellishment and their simplicity. The fits are somewhat loose but retain a sense of structure, expressing a certain street sensibility I adore (see previous posts) with hardly any distinction between boyish and girly wear. The styling is clearly the work of a knowing eye with a preference for a kind of French seventies nostalgia (think contemporary versions of Jane Birkin and Françoise Hardy). This is everything I want to wear. Precise, pure, sharp and accessible.

La Garconne


E.K. said...

Top left is absolute.

Elodie... said...

Omg, I am crazy of...all on this pic! I WANT :)

yes i love so much polaroid !
oh you have family on Paris, do you sometimes come ?

Anonymous said...

BOUH j'avais préparé mon ptit post sur la garconne tranquillos et tu me passes devant!TU SORS!!!!

Lisa said...


the La-G lookbook always makes me yearn for every.single.item.

love the olive jacket + must look for a new trench.
i just love a classic trench.

oh i definitely do not like vampire stories- but read all 4 books in a span of a week on Christmas break!
so captivating.

have a wonderful day.


Helene said...

I just love the trench coat/ripped jeans look. Very Saint Germain des Prés...

dandy gum said...

very saint germain de prés? , far from it: plutôt saint germain de loin :)

ps: and its just the eiffel tower, its nowhere near the tower of london you know ;) :)

pigeon.toed said...

i've seen la garconne's lookbook roaming around everywhere on the internet...but it still makes me giddy everytime i see it!

that girl is so adorable

Brook and Lyn said...

Yes, exactly that "Precise, pure, sharp and accessible". APC with a bit of an edge.

lilly said...

you inspire me!!!your one of my daily reads now!

Mira Maulia said...

the top right is my fav.
where did u get that sandal?

Belowen said...

Thankyou for the puppy love!

I think I might NEED those light wash high waisted jeans...

i.d. said...

I love that trench coat. These are all such classic, wearable garments!

Dooder City said...

Love the bells!

Lluviaschick said...

it's very parisian!

Moodie said...

ahah I just found an old Burberry trench coat in my favorite thrift store, so similar to this one ! I knew it !! I am the typical french girl.

Deborah said...

I love the look of a really masculine jacket over a sundress. I think it's so cute! I especially like a motorcycle jacket over a sundress!


emilie said...

what a lovely site you have~

miss a. said...

God, La Garconne is like my guilty pleasure. I could go crazy on that site. They recently got a new shipment of Ligne 6 Martin Margiela. It took all the restraint I had not to buy every piece. (That and the fact that my credit card groaned.) And they're probably the only place that has a decent collection of Tsumori Chisato online.

b-chic said...

this is exactly my style, or at least what I recently aim for. As you say, I like to dress chic and relaxed and not always I like the excesses of the fashion shows or fashion designers in general. Congrats for your blog I have linked it amoung my favorites! Sorry about my poor "spaghetti" english!!

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