The more I see of the modelling world, the more I fall in love with the hauntingly beautiful Anouck Lepère. Every show season new crops of fresh young faces are propelled in the limelight, experiencing their Warholian 15 minutes of fame on the runway, but only a handful will ever become known. Anouck on the other hand never slipped into obscurity and remained a constant presence in the fickle world of high fashion drama. My theory is that her mesmerizingly refined and classic looks have proved to be permanently cool. She embodies a genre of old-school beauty and romanticism, often at odds with the rapidly evolving modelling industry, while still defining a certain individuality and distinctiveness. She’s exactly my kind of girl. A quiet authority with a wisdom and cleverness lurking below the effortlessly beautiful surface. She is the very embodiment of awkward grace and refinement, her pale skin and intense eyes contrasting with her expressive dark Frida Kahlo eyebrows. I never managed to find out much about the story behind the simply yet highly effective Jock Sturges images of Anouck for Paradis but here they are, inarguably important and viable artistically. Unclothed and unashamed, Anouck is almost luminescent in this more radical reading of the fashion model. The pictures edge provocatively on the borders of eroticism but stand out for being refreshingly simple and romantic. The human form is clearly being explored and with her neoclassical features, Anouck is the ideal complement to the photographer’s visual work. An unforgettable and versatile girl.

All pictures: Paradis Magazine via The Fashion Spot


Mira Maulia said...

She's great. I love all her work. I like how she picks the models. Awesome, eh.

Iheartfashion said...

Anouk's gorgeous, always looking chic in real life too.

JEYQ said...

she reminds me so much of hilary rhoda. beautifully individual though.

Moodie said...

Wow. I never was a fan of Anouk, but you convinced me with the power of your words. Girl, you write so well ! I wish I could reach your level some day... Love, Moodie

Moodie said...

Wow. I never was a fan of Anouk, but you convinced me with the power of your words. Girl, you write so well ! I wish I could reach your level some day... Love, Moodie
(oups sorry i posted the previous under the wrong login)

Dooder City said...

Annouck is so beautiful. She has such a great face. I love her.

E.K. said...

Wonderful post. Nice selection of photos.

jessica said...

anouck is honestly GORGEOUS .
a true beauty .


LoveMore said...

oh wow she is beautiful!

and YES Kevin Costner :)

xxx love LM

white lightning said...

yes, i love this post.
perfect description of one of my favorite favorite faces. anouckanouck!

Miriam said...

Wonderful photos!

i found them at i think

coco said...

They are stunning images.

Laura* said...

Beautiful picsss!

STEFANIE said...

very nice post, Anouck is indeed gorgeous!

etoilee8 said...

That second photo had me. I always thought it would be so amazing to be photographed by Jock Sturges. The funny thing about Sturges is that I didn't immediately recognize. . . Anouk. . . but I recognized his photography. He has this ability to make everybody look like some random girl he met sunning on the beach in France.

Anonymous said...

she's got nice boobs

Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention the fact that shes dating jefferson hack?

Iole said...

I love this blog really much and great photos too.
You really rock!!!
xo xo

rebeca said...

Nice post!

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Sublimes photos.
J'adore Anouck Lepère, elle à la pêche et ses bijoux son magnifiques.

belle.chantelle said...

she's absolutely gorgeous

i.d. said...

She is stunning, almost haunting.

Michael Oats said...

Hey! After some time of no posts I've updated a new shoot! I hope you like it.

L (Photographed by Michael Oats)

Mary-Laure said...

I hadn't seen beautiful, expressive Anouk in a while and am just delighted to discover these gorgeous pictures. She's VERY special and I just love her.

Slanelle said...

beautiful pictures

laia. said...

Anouck was always one of my favorites. love her.

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