jalouse319db482ez130411_pink1_122_1151loI admire people who refuse to constantly reinvent themselves just because trends dictated by powerful fashion magazines and influential brands are volatile. Catherine Baba is a stylist who doesn’t embrace predictable fashion chapters, like a mesmerizing performer, she makes bold statements and has developed an unmistakable style which has its own place in contemporary fashion. If you’ve never seen a picture of her, think of a Rudolph Valentino silent-movie star with the spirit of eighties style Emmanuel Ungaro and a touch of regal Orientalism. She dresses with a sort of 20s and 30s Hollywood glamour and feminine allure, displaying a love of rich fabrics and fantasy clothes that frequently have a surreal twist. Combine this with the power looks of mid 80s Montana and you obtain a compelling exploration of fashion with lasting impact. Catherine Baba is all about the organization of movements, energies, textures and above all accessories. Lots of accessories. She wears her excessive accoutrements with a passionate bravado, punctuated by a lot of “j’adore” said in a voice devoid of any form of an Australian accent after 15 years living in Paris. Watch her talk to Diane Pernet and you cannot help but feel inspired by her dramatic and animated presence, her Louise Brooks super tweezed eyebrows and the curl of her rouged lip. She can pull off pure and impractical fashion madness, appropriating the bits of different eras that interest her, yet making it all seem like a new beginning. A spectacular vision!

Images from editorials she has styled.

She has worked for Chanel, Givenchy, Balmain and Ungaro and is a freelance stylist and consultant for a number of fashion houses and designers. She has also worked for Dazed and international editions of Vogue.

All pictures from: TFS, www.catherinebaba.com and www.cecile-bortoletti.com


E.K. said...

Great selection of photos!

Iheartfashion said...

Love her stuff!
Great photos.

Anonymous said...

really fabulous!!

geri said...

wow, she is great. i admire people who stay true to their style and dont but into all the dictated trends too.

btw, someone from work brought me a list of the top 50 fashion blogs from a conference in paris and you're on there, you are so amazing!

jules said...

Whoa, those images are amazing. Perfect selection they are all so inspiring. I love your blog, it is so cute and sweet and all of the photos are so amazing.

Alice (ou Al) said...

J'aime bcp les creations de Catherine mais aussi les photos que tu as choisi, la premiere est sublime

Anonymous said...

Catherine Baba IS very "animated' judging from the short clip I just watched. Full fur coat in the middle of what I think is summer. I'm not sure I was suppose to take the interviewer or CB seriously. But her portfolio is pretty seriously fantastic.

Brook and Lyn said...

I keep doing this but that was me above.



Toothache and Vinyl said...

great photos

miss a. said...

I loveeee the first and second photos. I love the women mean-mugging the girl in the first one and eyeing the man. Perfect! And the second one seems like a scene from backstage of the Moulin Rouge - dancers taking a break before going back on stage/going out to work the crowd.

Anonymous said...

Each day, fashion plays an important role in our social behavior. While the individual needs to be essentially 'in the Wind' but its display also allows differences to exist. We are not sheeps!!! Great article

Brune said...

j'adore, magnifiques photos et super style. ma préférée : les poupées russes ; mais son site est une mine d'or...

laia. said...

this is awesome.
i just came across a couple of pictures of her and had been trying to figure out who this wonderful woman was.

cras4 said...

oh, this is an actual cool looking spread

CIU09 said...

I really am enjoying you blog!! i am so happy to have stumbled across your blog.

Anonymous said...


chromium dumb belle said...

well, now it makes sense! I had no idea she did the gorgeous Russian Doll shoot...i was obsessed when i stumbled upon that one...i knew it was a recent thing as i found it thru a blog of new spreads but it was untitled...it has a kinda Irina Ioneco feel to it, almost...who is one of my favorites!!! Thank goodness for Baba...i'm so glad there is someone like her around for us to admire...i am so tired of the usuals...

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