The beauty and wonder of fashion has been sadly lacking in New York. Designers seem to believe that their collections must reflect the current economic downturn and adapt to the prevailing morose mood. Well, I disagree. As does Marc Jacobs, a man who seems to be pretty well aware that what we need right now is a sense of possibility, inspiration and hope!
Yes, of course, the market is difficult out there but the best way to fend off competition (strategically speaking) is to push the boundaries a little bit and stand out with a highly individual presentation. His tactic once again highlights his sharp wit but look at this collection and what you see is a multitude of incredibly successful pieces. This is the giddy feeling of the late seventies/early eighties when everything was permitted: studio 54 mixed with tough punk girl gangs. I love the almost surreal clothes and the references to past realities. The power shoulders reminiscent of Mugler and Montana, the zippers used as decoration, the buttery turquoise leather trousers, printed leggings (another homage to Steven Sprouse), the amazing coats and capes, high-waisted jeans, the Prince style Paisley dresses, the colours, the exaggerated Pompadour hair… This is Marc Jacobs showing us the spontaneity of life through a heightened cavalcade of energetic compositions. His work is vibrant and definitely saleable, reflecting his own fanatic determination. A torrent of great pieces, one of his best collections!

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geri said...

omg, this is killing me. i had a ticket to the show and couldnt get away from work in la. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! boooo.

E.K. said...

Yeah! I'm into this too.

I Like Stuff said...

A home run in my book. It was nice that he wasn't afraid to use color and metallics and sequins and leather and origami folds and whacked-out hair. So Dynasty!

Bijou and Ruby said...

That 80s hair is inspired, I feel like 09 is the year that the crimes of hair fashion that were commited in the 80s can be forgiven and we can all move forward with a love and respect for the 80s

Style Gypsy said...

Your blog is filled with fashionably artistic beauty..swoon! I am adding you to my blog roll! This is fabulous!!!!!!

Chloe said...

Wasn't this collection asbsolutely perfect. Love ur blog :)

young-shields said...

Haha, post snap! It really goes to show how amazing this collection is when it sends such reverberations throughout the blogosphere. You've picked out some of the best and more unusual outfits too.

Thanks for your lovely comment on my last post, it cheered me up no end.

y-s x

Moodie said...

Hey you ! Thanks for worrying about me ! I am back !
You described the beauty of the MJ show so accurately I just couldn't help linking to you...

STEFANIE said...


Sequined Pants said...

It was such a shift from all the other collections. He exhibited such range and it was so exciting to see. I really love your blog. xx

karii said...

baby como estas?

creo que Paris se ha robado la semana de la moda, esa que le pertenecia a NY desde hace años, casi desde que Carine se ha vuelto más popular que Anna (más popular jamas mejor) la odisea aqui queda en aquel neoyorquino vivo, talentoso y grande Marc, habia que dar un vuelo a esos eaños de NYC los 80's y yo diría que también esa mitad de los 70's los de Sprouse, los de Debbie, los de Pat Field...

i.d. said...

I always thought that Marc Jacobs was a mood changer in the fashion industry - let's hope so!

JEYQ said...

the sunglasses were insanity. and the velvet pieces .... i mean.

She's Dressing Up said...

This collections makes me very, very happy.

Michael Oats said...

I recently updated my site with a new shooting.
I hope u like it!



Photographed by Michael Oats

a. said...

i loved the hair in this collection. its very roisin, no?


ps, just wanted to say i havent forgotten about you completely :] loads of things are changing suddenly for me & its been a bit mad lately...

hope youre well, my love!

KATLIN said...

I know to capture my attention, you need to be doing something that is all your own, thought provoking, mind blowing, while still being relevant. Not an easy task... I think the London designers best fit this bill, esp with what I've been seeing from their FW so far.

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