A balmy spring scent and warmth was in the air this weekend. London fashion week started, accompanied by instant delirious media exposure and live behind-the-scenes anecdotes on Twitter. While mesmerizing and mediocre shows were taking place, jam-packed with overzealous students, editors, stylists and celebrities, I decided to leave the bustling and gossipy fashion crowds behind in favour of a more tranquil day visiting the new Photographer’s Gallery and Liberty. Pressure to survive the significant downturn in the retail industry has led the historical department store to embrace a new strategy. With Yasmin Sewell acting as a stimulant of the highest quality, Liberty has become a good place to be reminded that there are great designers who value creativity above all. Her passion and judicious business choices can be felt throughout the art deco building, displaying investment suggestions ranging from the very wearable such as ACNE with its clean lines and individual designs to brands which might satisfy the public fantasy of fashion (Rick Owens, Balmain, Dries Van Noten, Christopher Kane, Ohne Titel). In the little time she has been at Liberty, the ex buying director for Browns has already accomplished so much with her aesthetics that go beyond traditional margins. Her formula is unbeatable! An eclectic assortment of brilliant, well-made, sophisticated pure fashion luxury to create distinct silhouettes and more “street” focused items or youth relevant designers. She’s established a new reality I love, a perspective comparable to that of Dover Street Market.
Go and investigate for yourself, I’m a groupie!

All pictures of Yasmin Sewell: The Fashion Spot



E.K. said...

Sounds like fun. I'd like to visit the Photographer's Gallery.

Brook and Lyn said...

Why yes I've seen her on various blogs. Such simplicity and elegance. Even her hair follows along...

Alice (ou Al) said...

I have to go to Liberty, on arrete pas de m'en parler et je suis passee devant au moins 10 fois depuis que je suis arrivee, bref je n'ai plus le choix!

Moodie said...

I think Yasmin is elegant, and edgy, and sexy and brilliant. There is this thing in the way she dresses that says : I am so clever, guys. How come?
I love your writing. You are gifted, girl. I am jaleous.
C'est chaud d'écrire en anglais !!!
Ah oui et à cause de toi je me fais une FIXETTE sur "Wanna be in LA" que je me passe en boucle depuis 3 jours. So addictive!

karii said...


KATLIN said...

Pretty jealous of her Christopher Kane dress. I'd kill to own something from that collection, esp for the shoes he had in them!!

Elsa said...

I think Liberty is drastically underrated, for the great store that it is. The photography gallery sounds great, too.

a. said...

i went when i was in london how many millions of years ago now & dream of the day i can return for a outright mad shopping spree.

i love yasmin. she has such a clean, simple style.


thesearchforchic said...

She just has this air about her.
I love Liberty its such a gem.. you can go by yourself and browse the selection is just so good I saw Alexa Chung last time I was there.

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