While I was in Switzerland and France I missed a London heat wave, with temperatures going as far up as 33 degrees. I’ve been back a week and summertime is no longer a reality, I’ve said farewell to sunny days and my tan. I’m posting several photos I took in Cassis to evoke a little bit of the South of France on this blog, a stark but highly pleasing contrast to my city environment. A gentle tribute to a place I love. I hope you will like them. I’m seriously interested in photography and all its aspects, but I tend to focus essentially on illusory and romantic landscapes. What I like is observing and recording unstaged sceneries, with no preparation. An exploration in progress.
PS: Posting pictures of myself is always a challenge as I think it disrupts the vitality and balance of my blog. I’ve been doing it occasionally because I know that readers want to make a journey to the heart of the character/blog author but it is a huge undertaking. I absolutely love writing and I’m keen to concentrate on that activity.

I took all the pictures except for the portraits courtesy of my husband!
For those of you who are interested I’m wearing a Maje biker jacket and vintage purple hippie dress from ebay, the turquoise beaded necklace was made by the lovely Carlen Altman of Jewish Rosaries.
Also wearing a classic French red and white Breton top from Armor Lux with my gold Pamela Love snake ring and gold Aurélie Bidermann “peace” ring.

Red sky 1
Red sky


London Attitude said...

Nice pictures, j'aime tes tenues, tu me donnes vraiment trop envie de partir, moi ca sera la Corse en septembre....
nice interview on, bon de te connaitre un peu plus


Rumi said...

I love love love your photography, can never get enough..hope to make it to the South of France someday..xx

Frederic Betancourt. said...

really brilliant July!

geri said...

yay! you are stunning!

leeselooks said...

the beauty you capture in your words + photos is un-parallel

thanks for sharing!


Mademoiselle Robot ❤ said...

comme je le disais sur flickr - je te surkiffe. x

Anonymous said...

ouuuuh my girl is all sun-kissed! Looking usual! Can't wait to see you (with onion rings and speculoos pasta) <3

jessica said...

gorgeous photos, and your outfits are great .

Simone said...

Amzing photos, you sure managed to capture the illusory and romantic landscapes; thanks for sharing the feeling in these!

Jess said...

Your photos are just absolute perfection. Amazing. That red light is crazy. I'd rather be in France than in the London heat wave (train at midday was disgusting) Oh & you have just beautiful style...

diane said...

so beautiful!! the photo make me nostalgic, as I spent most of my childhood holidays in the south of France. It really capture the particular atmosphere of these landscapes!

geisharock said...

Don't give up on the London summer :) There's a little sunshine around today amidst the rain. Your pictures are gorgeous... I'm tempted to grab my boyfriend and flee to across the Channel for a quick dose of culture and fun. You look gorgeous! Where is your leather jacket from? xoxo

Anonymous said...

your photography is beautiful but you as well!

Anonymous said...

The colors are almost haunting, especially in the first two photos. They look like the aftermath of a fire, with a beautiful glowing light. Thanks for sharing these!

And you look so lovely! xo

laurakitty said...

Lovely photos.Very evocative- they completely capture the feeling of the place.

Miranda said...

love all your jewelry, and the weaving on that leather jacket is rad!

never heard of jewish rosaries before, very cool :)

and the photo of the clouds reflected in the car is quite something

Tjejsajten said...

These are so beautiful! I'm going to be living in the South of France next year and these made me rrrrrreeeeaaalllllyyy dangerously excited.


E.K. said...

Your husband's a great photographer (well and you're a great model). I'm in the process of doing a series of portraits of my wife, you should get your man to do that also!

Anonymous said...

France!! It looks like so much like L.A. ^_^

Saga said...

beautiful images!

Fashionology said...

Thanks for your very sweet comment! I just started making jewelery. Right now I am making bracelets with claws, pistols, crosses, skulls, snakes etc. I will also sell snake & claw rings and necklaces with eagles, skeleton arms (similar to luis morais), claws and much more!

I really love your blog! It is full of inspiration. I am adding you to my blogroll, your blog will definitely become a daily watch for me!

Mo said...

aawww...a lovely picture of u at last!!

Rozdeen said...

Amazing photos. Very soft, but at same time very dramatic.

FashionLagniappe said...

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Anonymous said...

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Warren said...

splendide... respect

a. said...

my, my. these are so beautiful.

i miss you, lovey. i hope your summer is going well. & yes, everytime i listen to jazz now - i think of you ;]

muchlove, xx

Anonymous said...

wow, stunning photographs!

fake handbags said...

love all your jewelry, and the weaving on that leather jacket is rad!

never heard of jewish rosaries before, very cool :)

and the photo of the clouds reflected in the car is quite something

Rackk and Ruin said...

such beautiful photos, thanks for sharing! xx

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